3LONG-STUDIO is a compact, long LED panel with on-board and DMX control over colour temperature, dimming, green/magenta correction and beam focusing.

Made of three long articulated aluminium strips 3LONG-STUDIO is a powerful while compact LED panel with a panoramic beam adjustable from 30º to 60º.

THELIGHT-STUDIO is a hole range of high-power LED panels from 40W to 200W combining the versatility of VELVET system with the faster installation and full light control on market today.

Wide and portable delivers a terrific punch up to 24 feet / 7 meters, replacing a 1500W tungsten, a 575W HMI or a bulky 10 tubes fluorescent while drawing only 110W.

Do not doubt between tungsten or daylight, flood or spot, softlight or Fresnel just take THELIGHT-STUDIO to have everything in a single fixture.

100% aluminium made in Barcelona with 144 reliable Phillips high-power LED for maintenance free use along more than 50.000 hours.


With 3LONG-STUDIO there is no need to use correction gels due to the digital variation of colour temperature, dimmer and green/magenta correction. The articulated structure enables instantly focusing or flooding the beam while the broad source surface equipped with specially designed Fresnel lenses delivers a soft but fully directional light.

THELIGHT-STUDIO all-in-one fixtures are compatible with any kind of light source and their built-in and DMX digital controls lets you adapt on the fly to the changing light conditions or desired light effect.

3LONG-STUDIO emits daylight as an HMI, wrapping light as a fluorescent while the solid and compact design make it easier to install and adjust than any other light.

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  • Colour temperature variation 2500K to 6500K with almost no lost in output
  • Beam focusing 30º to 60º without changing lenses
  • Dimming with minimal shift in colour
  • Green/magenta adjustment ¼ and 1/8


  • Punchy key light and wrapping softlight in a unique fixture
  • In&out PowerCon and DMX 512 connectors to daisy chain up to 30 units
  • Robust, compact, portable 100% aluminium construction
  • 50,000 hours life high-power Phillips LED
  • High CRI with no green deviation
  • Silent operation with no fans to service
  • Colour consistency lamp to lamp
  • Instant start and adjustment
  • Flicker free up to 3000 fps
  • Local and DMX control
  • Two years warranty. 100% made in Barcelona (Spain)

100% Maintenance free: you will never spend on bulbs, gels or funs to replace.

VELVET proprietary technology provides High CRI and no green deviation light calibrated for HD, film and photo professional cameras to achieve perfect skin tones, vivid colours and real images.


VELVET is more than a powerful LED light, is a whole new lighting system.

The slender yet solid design with its innovative modular system allow quick set up with a wide range of rigging options: swivel ball head rapid mounts for stands, yokes to ceiling grids installations or rigging on location, multipanel yokes of many sizes to mount several panels together and get big LED sources without investing on bulky fixtures.

Every THELIGHT-STUDIO product include in&out PowerCon and DMX 512 connectors to daisy chain several fixtures from a unique power outlet.

The compactness and lightness of the panels made them perfect for limited spaces, low ceilings, transportation and storage.


The lightweight and sturdy aluminium structure together with the electronic protection are built to provide a maintenance free operation under severe using conditions.

VELVET fixtures clearly drop operation cost with instant ignition and adjustment, flicker-free light, heat and noise free operation with no fans to service.

VELVET green technology and quality made ensures years of pure white light, minimum power consumption   and   no   bulb or gels change   required   along   more than 50.000   hours   life of the Phillips LED, meaning dramatic cost savings in terms of power draw, air conditioning and maintenance.

The soft quality of pure white light generated at any colour temperature surrounds the subjects while keeping perfectly directional.


3LONG-STUDIO is more than tungsten and daylight in the same unit: you can adjust colour temperature from 2500K to 6500K with almost no lost in output. The digital adjustment is very precise and absolutely consistent lamp to lamp.

Forget about gels or lamps replacement: using the on-board control or through DMX you can adapt on the fly to the changing light conditions or get the desired light effect.

Save time and money on adjustments: instantly dim and focus the beam and adjust the green/magenta correction to match any ambient light.

There is no need to double the light fixtures with tungsten and daylight units, take any VELVET product and you will have it all in single slim and durable aluminium fixture.

COLOUR TEMPERATURE adjustable from 2500K to 6500K
LIGHT INTENSITY dimmable with minimal colour shift
GREEN/MAGENTA CORRECTION adjustable 1/4, 1/8 plus and minusgreen
DIMENSIONS 622x155x148mm / 24,5x6x5,8″
WEIGHT 6,5 kg / 14,3 lbs including yoke
COOLING no-noise, fan-free passive cooling
CONSTRUCTION & FINISH Black anodized extruded aluminium and black powder coated sheet aluminium
POWER DRAW 110W nominal, 145W maximum
PHOTOMETRICS 11000 Lux / 1018 fc at 1 meter / 3 feet
1400 Lux / 129 fc at 3 meters / 10 feet
450 Lux / 41 fc at 6 meters / 20 feet
BEAM ANGLE adjustable from 30º to 60º
LED RATED LIFE more than 50.000 hours
VELVET LED TECHNOLOGY 3 Phillips high-power selected BIN LED core unit + specific Fresnel lens + CPU software control
DMX512 XLR5 in&out connectors
POWER OPTIONS VAC Control Unit      90-264V AC     50/60HzAC/DC Control Unit   90-264V AC  /  24-35V DC
ACCESSORIES Quick link swivel-ball head, Quick link swivel-ball head with 16mm  female, adjustable yoke, multipanels yokes, Hilite, 25-50-100 softbox diffusers, removable barn doors, flightcase

Specifications subject to change without notice.

LONG-STUDIO flight caseLONG-STUDIO barndoors
PowerconSoftbox kit