The unique all-in-one Light

VELVET is a high-power LED lighting technology developer and manufacturer, we have our own high CRI, white light colour temperature variation technology. We apply our knowledge in an expanding range of professional high output LED fixtures specially designed for the broadcasting industry.

We design and manufacture every product in Barcelona, Spain since 2008.

VELVET engineers constantly research and develop electronics, mechanics and optics leaded by a director of photography with over 15 years of experience in television and film industry and are assisted by the University of Catalonia Research Center based in Barcelona, Spain (UPC).


The unique all-in-one Light

Each VELVET product is made up of an extremely meticulous selection of the best LED with precise BIN. Each LED is electronically monitored to mix its flux in the correct proportion to its neighbours to achieve the range of colour temperature together with the accurate colour reproduction index.

VELVET state of the art passive cooling technology keep the LED in their optimum temperature to last more than 50.000 hours in complete silent operation without fans to be serviced.

According to current international standards of CIE 13.3-1995 for the measure of CRI and the chromatic co-ordinates (x,y CIE-1931), a colorimetric calibration is made adjusting the contribution of each of the LED at each colour temperature so that the colour of light generated is exactly the same as incandescent and daylight and perfectly variable from 2700K to 6500K.