Denmark SBS TV – Kanal 5: baking competition show

Denmark SBS TV – Kanal 5: baking competition show
At Denmark SBS TV has made a new studio for a baking competition show and VELVET has been the chosen lighting provider which installation has been made by its authorized dealer Bico Professionel A/S.
Project requirements
  • Heat-free light to keep the food in perfect conditions along the show

  • High quality light to get crisp real colours and perfect skin tones

  • Shadow-less overhead space light

  • Powerful and long through lights to be used at 5 meters high

  • Easy to setup light system to be used in several set ups

denmark 01
A very soft and natural base light has been achieved by displaying arrays of 4LONG-STUDIO fixtures overhead.

The efficiency of VELVET fixtures produce so much light power that the light designer was able to double diffuse them even when used at 5 meter high to get a wealthy base light level for the show.
The main base light has been made by lighting several 4LONG-STUDIO fixtures through the set ceiling cloth diffuser and a combination of VELVET and tungsten fixtures has been used as key light for the actors.
VELVET can be easily mixed with tungsten or daylight sources thanks to the tunable colour temperature, dimmer and green/magenta correction.
The full DMX remote control allows on the fly colour temperature and light intensity changes while simplified rigging and cabling make light or set changes quick.
The show presenters clearly feel the difference over the old tungsten lighting: VELVET produce no heat light. The camera operators state “we can feel the temperature in the studio with the new LED light is lower now”.

denmark 02
VELVET solution benefits

  • Easy rigging and cable installation with no dimmers required
  • No bulbs replacement or explosions during the life show
  • Colour temperature variation allow instant remote adjustments
  • Electric power savings produce a ROI of less than 1 year
  • 80% less air conditioning required

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