High-efficiency luminaires

High-efficiency luminaires

The film and television industry has always been a landscape of evolving technology, where innovation is key to creative expression and production efficiency. Among the various technological advancements, LED lighting has become a cornerstone in film and TV production due to its versatility, durability, and energy efficiency. However, as the industry demands more sophisticated lighting solutions, the challenge of improving efficiency while maintaining high-quality output becomes paramount. VELVET, a pioneer in the LED lighting industry, is addressing these challenges head-on with innovative technologies that produce more energy-efficient luminaires.

LED revolution is almost overpassed but still there are many challenges in lighting.

Traditional lighting solutions, while effective, often consume significant amounts of energy and generate substantial heat, leading to increased production costs and logistical challenges. As productions become more complex and environmentally conscious, there is a growing need for lighting solutions that are both energy-efficient and capable of delivering high-quality illumination.

VELVET boasts the best LUX/WATT ratio in the industry, offering unparalleled efficiency that enhances creative possibilities and speeds up lighting setups.

High-efficiency benefits

Economy. Reducing consumption without losing brightness leads to much lower power bills. This is important especially in studios with many hours of use in the year. The transition to LED lighting has become an almost necessary measure in all studios. If these LED lights are also more efficient, the savings are considerable. This even pays for the equipment in a much shorter period of time.

Batteries. The high frequent use of batteries, either for convenience, portability or limited access to the luminaires or just for sustainability in shootings allow, being such low consumption lights, to be powered more efficiently with batteries, increasing a lot the filming time.

Sustainability. Electricity is a scarce commodity. It costs money to create, transport and deliver it. Greater efficiency allows us to take care of the environment and improve our/your carbon footprint.

VELVET’s Commitment to Innovation and efficiency

At VELVET, we recognize these challenges and have dedicated ourselves to developing cutting-edge LED lighting solutions that meet the high standards of the film and TV industry.

Our “made to last” luminaires are designed with advanced technologies that maximize energy efficiency without compromising on performance. This commitment to innovation is evident in our industry-leading LUX/WATT ratio, which ensures that our lights provide maximum illumination with minimal energy consumption. 

VELVET Made to last

Superior LUX/WATT Ratio

The LUX/WATT ratio iindicates how much illumination (measured in lux) is produced per watt of power consumed. VELVET’s LED luminaires have set a new benchmark in this regard, delivering unparalleled brightness and efficiency. The benefits are twofold: reduced electricity costs and a lower carbon footprint, aligning with the industry’s push towards sustainability.

On film and TV production, lighting efficiency and performance are paramount. VELVET has set a new industry standard with our superior LUX/Watt ratio. This is a result of our dedication to advanced design, innovative cooling solutions, enhanced electronic circuits, precision optics, optimized LED performance, and proprietary drivers and software. These elements combine to create luminaires that not only provide exceptional lighting quality but also do so with unmatched efficiency, making VELVET the preferred choice for film and TV professionals.

1. Advanced Design. Fan-less passive Cooling.

Traditional lighting systems often rely on noisy fans for cooling, which can disrupt film and TV sets. VELVET’s luminaires feature a fan-less, passive cooling system that dissipates heat silently and efficiently. This innovative cooling method not only extends the lifespan of the LEDs but also maintains a quiet atmosphere, crucial for sound-sensitive production environments.

2. Improved Electronic Circuits

Our commitment to superior performance includes the development of advanced electronic circuits. These circuits are engineered to optimize power usage and reduce energy loss, contributing significantly to the high LUX/Watt ratio. The result is a lighting system that is both powerful and energy-efficient.

3. Optics Usage with LEDs

VELVET integrates precision optics with our LEDs to maximize light output. By focusing and directing light more effectively, our luminaires achieve greater brightness without increasing power consumption. This precision ensures that every watt of energy is utilized to its fullest potential, enhancing the quality of illumination on set.

4. Optimized LED Diode Performance

We employ only the highest quality LED diodes, optimized for performance and efficiency. These diodes are selected and calibrated to provide maximum light output with minimal energy usage. This optimization process is a key factor in achieving our superior LUX/Watt ratio.

5. Own Drivers and Software Development

VELVET develops its own drivers and software, ensuring complete control over the performance and efficiency of our luminaires. This in-house development allows for continuous improvements and customization, enabling our lights to meet the specific needs of film and TV production.

Soft panels efficacy

VELVET, the best lux/watt ratio on the market

Our panels outperform all competitors in efficiency. An RGB panel like the EVO is up to 3 times more efficient than a professional panel with the same features.

Success story: battery duration test

Comparison test ran by GRAU Luminotecnia with the leading floodlights on the market: VELVET Kosmos 400 with 2 hours  and 9 minute sis the winner of the test versus Aputure LightStorm LS600X, Arri Orbiter 400 and Nanlite Forza 500. Gen Energy’s 26A V-Lock Monster ION-Li batteries + PB48 MII Power Station 48V 26A

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