At Helsinki YLE TV has made a News studio and and VELVET has been chosen as the LED key light provider which installation has been made by its authorized dealer Oy Lafoy Ltd.

Project requirements

  • High efficiency light solution able to be mixed with ARRI fresnel tungsten

  • High quality light to get perfect skin tones

  • Reduce maintenance cost on bulbs and gels replacement

  • Reduce heat on the presenters face and air conditioning

VELVET products installed

6LIGHT high-power LED

On these completely new News studio the YLE light designer has combined tungsten fresnel fixtures as backlight with VELVET 6LIGHT high-power LED as key front light and LED strips to light the translucent backgrounds.

VELVET has proved as the unique pure white LED lights being able to match the ARRI tungsten fresnel units to get perfect skin colour reproduction using the HD cameras.

The director is pleased by the light quality and skin tones rendition while the electric power consumption and heat projected over the presenters has been dramatically reduced.

VELVET solution benefits

  • Excellent colour reproduction and skin tones rendition

  • Easy and proper mixing between VELVET high-power LED and tungsten

  • No bulbs replacement or explosions during the life news

  • Electric power savings produce a ROI of less than 1 year

  • 80% less air conditioning required