VELVET Power 2×2

The real power on 2×2 LED panel

robust and powerful 2×2 LED panel producing long throw light without noisy fans


100% aluminum body.  Robust and dustproof IP51, made to endure the tougher shooting conditions on any location or studio.


VELVET state of the art passive cooling technology keep the LED in their optimum temperature to last beyond 50.000 hours without noisy fans to be serviced.


Incredibly powerful 30º beam of light to be used up to 12 meters / 40 feet distance on location or studio.


VELVET Power 2×2 is a hard keylight, a thin softlight and a wrapping space light on the same thin compact LED panel.
The huge and directional light output produced from a wide light surface of 2×2 feet (60x60cms) can be easily shaped and soften with the choice of foldable Snapbags or convert into a soft space light with the cylinder diffuser.


VELVET is more than tungsten & daylight in the same unit: you can precisely adjust color temperature from 2700 to 6500K.


CRI 95 with no green deviation to get perfect skin tones and real colors with any HD or photo camera

Professional and consistent color rendition

Absolutely consistent lamp to lamp to mix as many units as you wish and get exactly the same light quality and color reproduction.


VELVET light is always ready to operate worldwide:

Using any battery from 26 to 28 VDC

With universal AC power 90-264 VAC

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  • Hard and soft flexible light output
  • More than bi-color 2700K to 6500K digital
  • Silent, maintenance free without fans
  • Long throw beam light
  • 2000 Lux at 6m / 185 fc at 20 feet
  • 4 times brighter than any 2×2 LED panel
  • Worldwide AC & DC powered
  • On-board and DMX RDM control
  • Super slim (68mm / 2,5″) easy to rig
  • Two years warranty. 100% made in Barcelona (Spain)

100% Maintenance free: you will never spend on bulbs, gels or fans to replace.

VELVET proprietary technology provides CRI


The master-slave function is made to control a group of VELVET panels from the one assigned as master.
The slender and solid design with its modular system allow quick set up with a wide range of rigging options yoke with ergonomic just one hand tilt lock knob,ball head rapid mounts, ¼-20” sliding threads for rigging are located on top and bottom of every VELVET panel.

The compactness and lightness of the panels made them perfect for limited spaces, transportation and storage.


The beam is so powerful to be used on day outdoors or to get a wealthy light level in studio up to 12 meters / 40 feet distance.

Getting so much light output projected at long distances from a thin, robust 2×2 LED panel opens a new world of possibilities and simplifies light design.

VELVET Power 2×2 can be combined with strong exterior HMI fixtures or used as exterior powerful fill light.

In studio or location its efficiency is perfect to light big areas or to be used as strong key or backlight.

As any VELVET fixture can be combined with any kind of light source and its built-in and DMX digital controls lets you adapt on the fly to the changing light conditions or desired light effect.


Dedicated 3200K/5600K quick-access button.

Clearly visible digital display and shock resistant buttons


DMX remote control even without a controller!

Master-slave function to link several units together and operate without a console.

The Master unit will be the controller and the others will react.

Bi-directional DMX RDM is the perfect solution on studio simplifying the assignment and channel addressing of every fixture.

COLOUR TEMPERATURE adjustable from 2700K to 6500K in 100K increments
LIGHT INTENSITY dimmable 0 to 100 (smooth and flicker-free up to 2000 fps)
DIMENSIONS 690x620x68mm  / 27″x24,5″x2,7″ panel
770x750x125mm / 30″x29,5″x5″ panel + yoke + PSU
WEIGHT 14kg / 31 lbs panel
16kg / 35,3 lbs panel + yoke
20kg / 44 lbs panel + yoke + PSU
POWER DRAW 340W  (12,1 Amps at 28 VDC –  0,7 Amps at 230VAC)
POWER SUPPLY 26-28V DC90-264V AC  50/60Hz
PHOTOMETRICS 40.000 lux / 3700 fc at 1m / 3 feet
8.000 lux /   740 fc at 3m / 10 feet
2.000 lux /   185 fc at 6m / 20 feet
BEAM ANGLE 30º (tunable with optics diffusers)
LED RATED LIFE more than 50.000 hours
COOLING no-noise, fan-free passive cooling
PROTECTION IP51 dust proof, indoor or outdoor use
CONSTRUCTION & FINISH Made of black anodized extruded aluminum and black powder coated sheet aluminum
VELVET LED TECHNOLOGY selected BIN  high-power LED + VELVET custom optics + CPU software control
ACCESSORIES AC power supply, Foldable Snapbag softbox, removable barn doors, remote control, hard case.
RIGGING OPTIONS aluminum yoke with 28 junior pin, multiple ¼-20” sliding threads for rigging, multipanels yokes, pole operated yoke

Specifications subject to change without notice.

AC PSU VELVET Power 2X2VELVET 2x2 40º Snapgrid plegableVELVET 2x2 SpaceLight Hilite + Mount frameOCTA 7 Snapbag plegable 2,1m diametro (requiere marco de montaje Rabbit Ears)3m alargo DMX-5 Macho/Hembra
4,5m XLR3 Alargo de PotenciaSnapbag plegable VELVET 2x2Rabbit Ears Marco de Aluminio para VELVET 2x2PO Yoke VELVET 2x2VELVET 2x2 flight case
VELVET 2x2 removable barndoorsVELVET 2x2 40º Snapgrid plegable para SnapbagOCTA 5 Snapbag plegable 1,5m diametro (requiere marco de montaje Rabbit Ears)Control Remoto VELVET