MISSIONVELVET Rental mission is providing Directors of Photography, Light Designers and Gaffers with any amount of VELVET fixtures they may need to create the light scheme and image they are looking for.VELVET Rental is a service exclusively addressed to rental companies, the main objective is supporting the large international VELVET users community by providing rental companies with large quantities of the bigger VELVET fixtures anytime they may need them.NO PROJECT IS TOO SMALL OR TOO BIGAny rental company can supply their clients with the latest LED technology for space lighting, background lighting, big area, set or show light of any size with the support of its partner VELVET Rental.RENTAL PROCEDURE & MAIN REQUIREMENTS

  • Available products: VELVET Light 2, VELVET Light 4, VELVET Light 2×2 and VELVET Power 2.
  • The minimum rental period is one week.
  • The minimum amount is ten VELVET fixtures.
  • The customer (rental company) can contact his local THELIGHT-VELVET Distributor or alternatively VELVET Rental to get a rental quotation.
  • The customers (rental company) will provide their own insurance.

VELVET Rental is a rental service exclusively for rental companies which already have a batch of THELIGHT-VELVET products.

VELVET Rental will not directly rent to not any final client, the only possible clients are rental companies.


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