Now, more intensity

VELVET EVOVELVET Light and VELVET CYC series have been updated with more intensity.

Since May 2nd 2023 our Barcelona factory only produce equipment with the new features.

The lighting fixtures are the same on the outside but powerful on the inside: with the same colour reliability, the same robustness, silence and lightness. These lights are able to work 100% with standard batteries.  They are VELVET luminaires.

The increase with the original series is significant; up to 48% on the VELVET EVO colour panel,  96% on our VELVET CYC asymmetric lights and 38% in VELVET Light bicolor panels.

more_intensity EVO CYC LIGHT

Made to enhance your creative possibilities

VELVET EVO offers everything you deserve from a professional light panel: reliability, weatherproof and ergonomic housing, high power-to-weight ratio, full light output even with AC and batteries, silent fan-free operation, wider color spectrum and high color rendition across the entire CCT range.

VELVET EVO new photometrics

EVO photometrics more intensity

R+G+B+W Cyclorama Fixtures

VELVET CYC. Individual light engine control for every batten allows to create homogeneus color backgrounds, soft white or colored gradients with different degrees of saturation. You can even combine different colors in motion creating horizontal color mixtures with infinite creative possibilities.
Velvet-CYC-more intensity

VELVET CYC new photometrics

EVO photometrics more intensity

made to last

Robust 100% aluminium body, made to endure the toughter working conditions on any situation. Incredibly soft quality light. The natural soft beam produce no shadows on the actors faces and does no disturb their eyes. The light evenness and power make it the right choice on lighting backgrounds, as space light and invaluable on location as an all-purpose.

Velvet-CYC-more intensity